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In Life Coaching, I focus on supporting you as you identify and achieve your unique goals in life. Together we design a plan to create and sustain the vibrant life you desire!


How helpful it is to take one step at a time and feel like I can do this!
— Judy, client


Private, one-on-one live coaching begins by laying foundation with an in-depth discovery session.  In this session you rediscover a bit about who you are, what is important to you and define your goals for coaching. 

The discovery session is about 90 minutes in length, and usually in-person.  After the discovery session, coaching usually occurs for 45 minute sessions each week, either in person or on the phone. 

However, the beauty of coaching is that it can be tailored to whatever best serves the client.  

A time commitment is not required for coaching, however a minimum of three months is desirable for maximum results to occur. 


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