What is Life Coaching? 

Coaching is a collaboration combining the expertise of an effective, insightful guide (coach) with an individual who wants to take their business, professional or personal life to a new level.  Coaches find their clients naturally creative, resourceful and whole.  Coaches provide support to enhance the skills, resources and creativity that the client already has.  With the help of their coach, clients define success on their own terms and take action to realize the life they really want!


What is a Life Coach? 

A life coach is a trained professional who helps clients set and achieve personal goals. Life coaches do this by listening carefully, asking great questions, expanding the client's picture of what they can achieve, and collaborating with the client to set up support structures and systems to achieve the goals.


Why Hire a Coach?

Something very powerful happens when you bring a coach into your life.  Even the most self-actualized individual will realize a shift as they truly focus on where they are going.  The attention to your goals, whether professional or personal, produces remarkable results.  Others have:

· Defined their priorities and attained goals that really matter.

· Found better ways to reduce stress and increase effectiveness.

· Planned and implemented successful transitions in life – new career, mid-life adjustments, retirement planning.

· Greatly improved the leadership skills and exceeded all expectations in the workplace.


How does Coaching differ from Therapy?

Psychotherapy generally deals with people who have emotional/behavioral problems and disruptive situations — and seeks to bring the client to normal function by focusing on dysfunction. The primary focus is on healing.

Coaching on the other hand deals with functional people who want to move toward higher function — and achieve excellence in their personal and professional lives.  Healing is often a side effect.

When coaching is aimed at facilitating psychological or emotional growth it should be differentiated from therapeutic and counseling disciplines, since clients of coaching, in most cases, are considered healthy (i.e. not sick). The purpose of the coaching is to help them move forward in whatever way they want to move, not to 'cure' them.


Who Benefits from Coaching? 

Those who want more from themselves, their relationships, their work and their world.  The coaching relationship supports the achievement of extraordinary results.  Coaching benefits anyone who wants to make a powerful and positive difference in the world!


How and Where is Coaching done? 

Private, one-on-one live coaching begins by laying a foundation with an in-depth discovery session.  In this session you rediscover a bit about who you are, what is important to you and define your goals for coaching.  The discovery session is about 90 minutes in length, and preferably in-person.  After the discovery session, coaching continues for 45 minute sessions each week, either in person or on the phone.  However, the beauty of coaching is that it can be tailored to whatever best serves the client.  Some clients schedule shorter sessions just to ensure they are ‘on track’ with where they want to go in their life.

A time commitment is not required for coaching; however, a minimum of three months is desirable for maximum results. 


Should I get a coach? 

Great question!  Yes, I believe everyone can benefit from coaching if they are ready.   It is important and helpful to know if you are at a place in life where you are ready and open to coaching.  I have an assessment that will help you discover how coachable you are right now.   



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