Do you want to enjoy a vibrant intimate relationship?

Whether you are...

  • beginning a new intimate relationship,
  • deepening your commitment to your partner,
  • getting married,
  • or have run into difficulties in your relationship,

...Coaching can greatly benefit both you and your partner.  

With coaching, couples are empowered to design, develop, and maintain a loving and fulfilling partnership. 


During Relationship Coaching, couples complete Prepare Enrich, a customized online assessment to identify strengths and areas of growth in their relationship.

After reviewing the results, together we design a plan to enhance the relationship by capitalizing on strengths and add tools to turn growth areas into strengths. 

This program is engaging and transformative!


Beth’s very presence is a calming and nurturing one. She makes it easy to talk about tough things and makes tense subjects easier to get through.
— Karen, client


Ready to improve and enhance your relationship?  

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